Biscuit Beetle


World-wide distribution with a preference for temperate climates. Cosmopolitan in choice of habitat, infesting all manner of commodities in both commercial and domestic food stores. Life cycle may be completed inside the food commodity. High potential for cross infestation due to ability to fly. Biology Complete metamorphosis life cycle. Larvae are voracious feeders, quite able to chew through almost all forms of packaging. Humidity limits of 10% and 70% define limiting factors. Closely related to Woodworm and Tobacco / Cigarette Beetles (Anobiidae) which it closely resembles. Only able to complete one life cycle per year below optimum conditions.

Pest Status

May attack not only foodstuffs but leather, hide, paper and other manufactured goods. Documented as able to eat through almost all packaging including metal. Wide distribution, ability to fly and omnivorous nature make this species a significant commercial and domestic pest.

How can I get rid of them?

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