Wasps and Hornets

  Wasps are probably one of the most familiar and generally feared groups of insects. They belong to the order of insects called Hymenoptera which also includes bees and ants. Most of these posses stings which mainly used against other insects but can be turned against man with unpleasant results.

Types of Wasps Found In U.K.

1. Common Wasp (Brownish/Creamy colour nest* with whirls) 2. German Wasp (Grey nest*) 3. Tree Wasp, Very aggressive not common 4. Norwegian Wasp, Not found in southern England. 5. Cuckoo Wasp 6. Hornet * Nest colour only differs once the workers take over nest building. Queen built nests are grey. The common and German wasps are the two species likely to be found during domestic treatments.

What Do They Look Like?

All the wasps found in the United Kingdom, with the exception of the hornet, are very similar with black and yellow bands on their body and two pairs of wings

Where Do They Live?

In Spring, the queen leaves her hibernating quarters to seek nesting sites. These could be holes in the ground, hollow trees, sheds loft spaces etc. The queen starts to build her nest with a papery material that she makes by chewing wood mixed with saliva; this is known as wasp paper. She will raise the first few workers who will then enlarge the nest and care for the immature wasps to follow. The nest construction starts in Spring and will reach its maximum size in September, when up to 10,000 workers may be present. An old nest is not used in subsequent years.

What Do They Eat?

Wasps usually eat insects, which are mainly garden or household pests. They also feed on dustbin waste and animal carcasses. Pest Status A wasp unlike a bee, can sting many times. Although the wasp sting is not normally serious, it can be very painful, and in certain cases can cause a severe reaction.

How can I get rid of them?

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